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Multiplication By Division and The Achievement Of Peace

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Multiplication By Division

Multiplication by Division

The Achievement Of Peace

by Phillip Carter

Luke 12:49-53

Isaiah 26:3

Suffering a loss is never easy? I've experienced doors of opportunity closing in my face and I know many of you have as well. Some of those losses and closed doors I initiated to keep my peace. What I could not predict from those losses was next thing, the progression, the new door opening or the next test. Whatever my "next" has been, I have gained something positive along the way. Those positive gains have contributed to who I am today. I've lost a lot but I've gained so much more. In Luke 12, Jesus is warning us that following Him will bring us losses but those losses will be no comparision to the win of following and serving Jesus. Jesus is still the most divisive figure in our culture today. His teachings contradict cultural, societal norms, and other religious teachings. Jesus's teachings have divided people in every human era since His tenure here on earth. Is Jesus not the Prince of Peace? Yes, He is by nature and I contend that the Savior of the world is trying to impress upon humanity that real peace is is an inner mechanism that can only be achieved through Jesus Christ. Real peace is in the Prince of Peace. Sometimes in order to get that peace, division has to take place. Division from people who seek to take away that peace. Division from people who antagonize you because of your faith. This division can seperate holmes, churches, co-workers etc. We lose to win. The decision to eliminate as many roadblocks to personal, family, world peace and peace among believers is a decision to live life more abundantly. Discliples of Christ believe and can testify that this kind of peace can only come from the Spirit of God through Christ Jesus. That is a divisive statement in itself but when one has experienced the kind of peace that the world cannot provide or eliminate then one can testify that Jesus is "The Way" to that peace. When we truly give our lives over to Christ, the journey to peace begins. He multiplies by dividing.

Lord, help us to attain the perfect peace that you have for us. Give us the courage to leave and/or suppress anything that would keep us from experiencing your peace in Jesus name. Amen

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